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Marine Formula™ - Product Overview

Marine Formula™ is a specially formulated patented mixture that cleans and removes adhesives and sealants used on and inside the boat. Use Marine Formula™ to clean-up and remove these common marine adhesives and sealants:

  • Cured 3M™ 5200 and other polyurethane adhesives. U.S. Patent No. 5,856,285
  • Removes Caulks and sealants
  • Removes Black rub marks
  • Cleans Most graffiti and overspray
  • Cleans Adhesive residue
  • Removes Liquid Nails™
  • Cleans Adhesive film from duct and masking tape
  • Wipe away excess spills of sealants and adhesives including 3M™ 5200
  • Polysulfide sealants
  • Will not harm: Gelcoat, Clear Coat, PlexiGlass, AwlGrip® or Imron®