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Marine Formula By DeBond Corporation is a patented chemical adhesive remover used in the Marine Industry. Marine Formula breaks the bond of polyurethane adhesives like 3M™ 5200/4200 and Sikaflex® 291, all once considered permanent. It also cleans or removes – Super Glue, Sharpie® pen, Very High Bond (VHB) Tapes, wet adhesives, cured silicone rubber, RTV & hatch and door weather stripping. It is safe on glass, and on all 2 part paint systems, powder coated metal and fiberglass. Soap and water neutralizes and denatured alcohol prepares the surface for re installation if needed.

Other projects for Marine Formula include:

  • Cleans hardwood flooring adhesives
  • Graffiti from spray can paints
  • Remove adhesive paper stickers
  • Safe on clear coat
  • Removes chewing gum from clothing, carpeting & sidewalk
  • Removes dried latex and oil paints from clothing and hands and tools
  • Safe on all vinyl – Home clothes dryers (Chewing gum removal)
  • Cleans tools – power cords
  • Cleans vinyl and Rub rails
  • Loosens stuck screws and bolts (SS and Aluminum Dissimilar metals)
  • Cleans Duct tape and all Masking tape adhesives off fiberglass and cars/glass
  • Cleans wet epoxy from clothing
  • Removes tree sap
  • Removes wet silicone rubber
  • Removes decal and letter tape adhesives and Shrink wrap tape and adhesive
  • Cleans electrical connections/battery terminals
  • Cleans tree sap and lubricates chain saws/garden clippers
  • Safe on leather
  • Breaks the bond of Liquid Nails® and construction adhesives
  • Plumber’s helper

Available in 4 sizes: 4oz. Non-aerosol, 4oz. aerosol, 12oz. aerosol, and Gallons